Knights are the finest fighters ever produced. A knight is a skilled weapons expert, always prepared to do war for the cause of good. He is noble, chivalric, and very brave. A knight often takes risks that normal people would consider insane. Always the first to enter combat, and the last to leave, the knight is the protector of the weak, and the bane of the vile.



+16 +10 -5 +2 -10


Knight's shield: the knight always uses his trusty shield in one hand. The enchanted shield of a knight provides 14% deflection, and can wreak various havoc upon opponents. It can occasionally break opponents' weapons, or for hand-to-hand combatants, cause them significant discomfort. It can also absorb magic from the spells of magic-using enemies and use that power to do damage upon opponents in future combat rounds. The shield's reflective surface can also be used as a mirror when fighting medusas. It does cost the knight some stamina to use the shield in combat.

Weapon expertise: all weapons do up to +5 extra damage when used by a knight.

Challenging fanfare
Command: fanfare
Stamina: 1%

The knight can sound a fanfare on his horn, issuing an irresistible challenge to all enemies present. The enemies will ignore their previous opponents, and attack the knight instead. The command is usable once every round.

Command: feint

This command will allow the knight to feign his next attack (doing no damage during that round), tricking his opponent into a more vulnerable position, giving the knight a +25 damage bonus to his weapon in the following round. Feint can be used every 10 seconds.

Command: mount <player>, dismount
Stamina: 10%

The knight can mount a creature that can be ridden (such as a centaur or griffin). A rider suffers a -4 dexterity penalty while on a mount.

Command: riposte
Stamina: 30%

The riposte is a feat in which the knight parries an opponent's attack, and retorts with a quick thrust of his own weapon. Catching the opponent unawares, this blow will do 5-15 extra points of damage. Riposte can be used every 20 seconds.