Bold and cunning, marilith are the generals and tacticians of the demon race. Terrible to behold, these creatures have the bodies of giant snakes, with huge, green, scaly coils. From the waist up, they are beautiful, comely females. Besides her obvious snake body, the most distinctive feature of the marilith is her six arms. Marilith are highly intelligent demons, and they have knowledge of several spells that they can use to gain a tactical advantage. However, they love to engage in physical combat and do so whenever the opportunity presents itself. They always carry a different weapon in each hand, and they can, in addition to these, also attack with their deadly tails. In combat, they are a wonder to behold, with their characteristic dance-like attack style in which they strike their opponents first from one side and then the other. Because of their affinity for melee weaponry, marilith never use ranged equipment, and their spells do less than normal damage, since they don't have the patience required to learn them fully.



+5 -15 none +3 +20


CursePower word kill
Detect magicBlasphemy


Burning Legion: marilith are sent along in Burning Legions as a reward for a job well done. In fact, many marilith only perform their more banal duties because of the possibility that they one day will enjoy the combat and carnage that characterizes a Legion's invasion. As if this reward wasn't enough, the Lord of Hell also donates a powerful magical weapon to the marilith's hoard.

Dance-like attack style: the marilith has six arms, three on each side of her body, and strikes with each side on alternating combat rounds. This style of combat is also less fatiguing than what would normally be the case, and the marilith can therefore use weapons at half their normal stamina cost. The marilith only uses one-handed melee weapons--no large or ranged weapons.

See invisible

Tail attack: the marilith attacks with her deadly tail in combat.

Unmastered magic: the marilith's combat spells only do half damage.

View weapon collection
Command: view [item(s)]

Marilith favor exotic and magical weaponry in combat (mainly swords and such), and have a collection of these on their home plane. This command opens a mental link to the Abyss, letting them visualize their collection as if they were there.

Bring forth weapon
Command: bring <item/#>
Stamina: varies

Marilith can bring their weapons onto the material plane, but since these objects are not of this world, certain magic is needed when transferring them here, in order to preserve their power and indeed their very existence. The amount of stamina required depends on how powerfully enchanted these weapons are, and also on their weight. Once this magic is performed, however, subsequent transfers of the weapon between planes can be done effortlessly.

Send away weapon
Command: send <item(s)> [from <container(s)>]

Marilith can send any suitable weapons into their storage on their home plane, even those that originate from the material plane. Since the material plane is the primary plane of existence, objects of this world can exist normally on any other plane. Thusly, sending such weapons can be done for no stamina. (Sending back weapons that originate from the Abyss is naturally also free.)