The seraphs are the greatest of celestial entities, the generals of heaven's legions. These divine beings sometimes descend from the heavens into the world for short periods of time to enforce their patron's will. Carried upon feathery wings and armed with the power of its faith, the seraph embodies both purity and fury. Though its massive wings do not permit the use of torso armor, the archangel is able to call down the power of its deity through both prayer and spell.



+2 +2 none -5 +2


ArmageddonHoly wrath
BlessHoly retribution
Detect magicThunderbolt
Guardian angel


Angelic aura: the angelic aura surrounding the seraph drains the quickness and vitality of undead creatures in the same room as the seraph.

Winged torso: the seraph cannot wear normal torso armor as his wings interfere.

Banish the infidel
Command: banish <target>
Stamina: 25%

This ability involves the seraph calling down the wrath of its patron deity upon a specific foe. This typically results in the subject being ripped through reality with such force that even the angel itself is unable to predict where the target shall wind up. This potent ability may be used only once every 2 minutes.

Conjure a celestial sword
Command: sword
Stamina: 50%

This is one of the most widely known and feared abilities of the seraph--the creation of a mystical two-handed sword of pure light. This weapon, known as the Sword of Faith, is actually the embodiment of the angel's fury and purity. The sword can only be maintained for a short time (two minutes) and at great expense to the seraph's strength (20% additional stamina per 5 combat rounds), but the weightless weapon is nearly unmatched in power.

Pray for a miracle
Command: pray
Stamina: 50%

This powerful prayer calls down the blessing of the seraph's deity not only on itself, but upon all allies present as well. The effects of the prayer are so potent as to heal the targets of all their wounds. Such a miracle can only be called for once every 30 seconds, at the most.

Set heal aliases
Command: aliases [-d] [str1 str2 str3 ...]

The "aliases" command provides a quick tool for the seraph to set up convenient aliases to heal various team members. When used without any arguments, it sets up "cast heal <player>" aliases for the first ten players on your team (in order of last 15 C/D) as "1", "2", "3", etc, up through "0". With the "-d" argument, it uses "11", "22", "33", through "00" instead. If you supply your own custom strings, separated by spaces, it will use those instead. When setting the aliases, each team member who is assigned a number (or custom string) is told their number, and their "heal-call" variable is checked to perform an automatic alias set if applicable (see the "heal-call" section in "help variables").

Summon an angelic warrior
Command: summon
Stamina: 20%

This ability involves fervent prayer to the patron deity for divine assistance. Provided the seraph is in good standing with its lord, the prayer typically results in the summoning of a lesser angel. The god opens a gate directly to heaven, allowing the angelic warrior to pass through and assist his faithful archangel. This angel will fight furiously to protect the seraph, even to the point of sacrificing its own life to save its master from death, if necessary. This prayer can only be used once every three minutes.

Take to the air
Command: lift
Stamina: 2.5% per room flown through

The seraph lifts its massive, feathery wings and takes flight. While in the air, the angel is nearly impossible to track. Additionally, the seraph becomes somewhat more agile, but considerably less accurate. The lift command, used while already in the air, can be used to land.