SPELLChaos vortex

Describing the physical appearance of a chaos vortex may be one of the most difficult tasks ever proposed. In his treatise on advanced conjuring published at the Ronendale School of Wizardry, Zendar the Wizened hypothesized that this particular endeavor may be one of the truly impossible feats of mankind. His writings noted that by the time a particular viewer has begun describing any portion of the vortex, the entire vortex has changed form, rendering the viewer's description as inaccurate by the time it has left his mouth (or quill). The true breakthrough in the treatise, however, was Zendar's theory that a chaos vortex will never take the same form twice, thus any description written of a chaos vortex is guaranteed to be false in perpetuity. Zendar was in the process of gathering as much data as possible to support his theory when he vanished into a chaos vortex that apparently took him quite far--he was never seen again. Theories aside, however, the practical effects of the chaos vortex are quite well known at this time: upon being conjured, the vortex will suck nearby beings (one or two at a time) into its core, and spit them out in nearby rooms. In each nearby room that a being is spit into, a new endpoint of the chaos vortex will form. This new endpoint will never suck back in the player it originally spat out; however, it is prone to sucking in other players present in that locality. A single given chaos vortex is rarely stable for more than about twenty seconds, and conjurers typically need about three minutes of rest time inbetween conjurings of these vortices.