SPELLEye of the spider

This spell summons a tiny black spider to assist you in combat. Rising up from the Abyss, the spider will engage your enemies, dealing up to 5 points of damage with its mandibles. When combat ends, the spider will follow the last enemy it fought. It will stalk its prey, continuously reporting its current location to you (and your team, if you have one), but will not dare to attack on its own. If you, as an enemy, want to kill a spider, the odds are stacked against you. These cunning arachnids have a strong will to survive, and can easily evade most forms of attacks aimed at them. You need to specifically target them via the "kill spider" command, and even then you only have a 10% chance of hitting them. Furthermore, you'll only have a limited number of attempts to do this before the spider is frightened into hiding (as time passes, spiders will grow bolder, decreasing their tendency to hide). Despite its fears, the spider will emerge from hiding when you leave, compelled to follow you by the spell. Also note that casting this spell when you already control a spider will immediately send it back to the Abyss.