CON1 (permanent loss)

Upon casting this spell, the caster creates an incredible inferno that will burn the room, and everything within it, as well as generating quite bright light (+2 light). Players (including the caster) in an inferno take 40-60 damage (average 50) every round. When a player is burned by the inferno, there is a chance that the player himself will catch on fire. A player who is on fire, when running to other rooms, has a chance of either extinguishing the flames that surround him, or spreading the flames to the room he runs into, creating a mini-inferno which does less damage than a full inferno (and cannot spread its flames to players). There is also a chance that such a mini-inferno may turn into another full-blown inferno. Each flaming room or inferno burns itself out after about two minutes, or when the original caster dies, whichever comes first. The caster cannot summon another fire until he regains his concentration, which usually takes about five minutes. With the power of this spell also comes great cost; the caster loses a constitution point, permanently.