SPELLPhantom menace

The vicious trolls of the Dragonclaw Mountains often foretook raids into the neighboring settlements, burning and looting as they went along. It was during one of these episodes that the gnome illusionist Loukuss first used what is now known as the phantom menace spell, single-handedly driving off the invaders, giving his people a new hope. This impressive spell of light and magic will make its caster appear as a terrible opponent, be it an awe-inspiring warlord, a raging elemental, a blood-thirsty demon, or something else. No matter the illusion, the caster will seemingly wreak havoc upon the battlefield, and no one can blame those who run away with fear when facing such odds. Even those that hold their ground will accomplish little, as the caster's disguised form will cause his foes to miss more often than hit (90% deflection). While the spell lasts, the caster is unable to perform normal attacks, since that would disrupt the illusion. The resting time needed between castings of this spell is about one minute.