SPELLVampiric vortex

The extremely rare phenomenon known as the vampiric vortex is a legend in many cultures. Those who are wise to its ways respect its power, yet also realize that it can easily be avoided and even used to one's advantage when facing overwhelming odds. The origins of a vampiric vortex are mostly unknown, or at least not openly spoken of by those in the know. The art of conjuring one of these vortices, however, is known to a great number of advanced conjurers. Upon being conjured, the vortex appears as a giant black mass, hovering slightly above the ground. It seeks out large gatherings of life force in the nearby area and moves towards them. Typically these gatherings are of allied persons, as individuals of opposed allegiances do not normally stand close enough to one another to attract the vortex's attention. Once close enough, it begins to drain the life force of the gathered beings (drawing 30-50 points of health every round). A vampiric vortex is not drawn to small groups, as it does not consider them worthy of feeding upon. A vortex will remain in a given area for about thirty seconds before moving on to more fertile feeding grounds, but finding plenty of life force to feed on can prompt it to remain longer than usual. Typically a caster will rest about three minutes inbetween conjurations of vampiric vortices, as the forces involved can be quite exhausting.