COMMAND: alias
ARGUMENTS: [<word to alias> [long expansion]]

The "alias" command allows you to define short commands that replace long
commands.  When you use the alias, any arguments that follow the alias will be
added to the end of the expansion.  For example, if you alias "g" to "get all",
then "g from bag" would perform "get all from bag".

You can begin an individual command with a double quote (") to avoid any
attempted alias interpretation.  For example, even with "sell" aliased to "sell
all", the command ""sell bag" would sell your first bag.

Without an argument, "alias" prints a list of your current aliases.

To remove an alias, use the "unalias" command.

With just "-reset" as an argument, "alias" will remove all your current aliases
and set your aliases back to the default set of aliases.


alias g get all
alias h heal