ARGUMENTS: <new ammo> [with <item>]

The "ammo" command allows you to change the typo of ammo that a particular
readied launcher is using.  The first argument is the new type of ammo to use.

The "ammo" command looks for your first readied launcher and changes the ammo
type on it, unless you also add on "with" and the id of a launcher to the end
of the command line.  You can use the letter/number abbreviations as seen in
the "eq" command to specify the launcher.  If you use the item's name followed
by a number, only readied items are checked--for example, "ammo arrow with bow
2" would change the ammo on your second readied bow, not necessarily the second
bow in your inventory.


ammo poisoned arrow
(switches ammo type on first readied launcher to "poisoned arrow")
ammo arrow with longbow
(switches ammo type on readied longbow to "arrow")