COMMAND: channels
ARGUMENTS: [<channel> [action],...] or [usage]

Simply using the "channels" command without any arguments will display a list
of all channels available to you at the moment, and a brief description of
them, as well as your filter setting for that channel.

If given just a channel name, the command displays the setting for that
channel.  A second argument, if used in addition to a channel name, will set
that channel to a certain filter level.  Valid values are 1-9 (developer
levels), off, and on.  You can also use "list [idle time]" as a second argument
to get a list of the users currently listening to that channel (if you specify
an idle time, your list will only include users that are connected and idle
less than that number of minutes).

When setting channels, you can use "all" as the second argument to set all
channels to the specified setting.

Multiple actions can be specified, separated by a comma.

If the only argument supplied is "usage", then channel usage statistics for the
current month will be displayed.


channels shout 9
(makes you receive only shouts from level 9 admins)
channels shout off
(makes you receive no shouts)
channels shout on
(makes you receive all shouts)
channels shout list
(lists everyone on the shout channel, and their filter, if any)
channels all off
(turns all your channels off)
channels all off,tell on,shout on
(turns all your channels off, then turns tell and shout back on)
channels tell
(displays the status of your tell channel)
channels shout list 3
(lists everyone on the shout channel who's not linkdead or idle 3+ minutes)
channels usage
(lists usage statistics for all channels in the current month)