COMMAND: combat
ARGUMENTS: [<melee/ranged/max-range/hunt-range/hunt-npcs> [value]]

The "combat" command allows you to configure combat preferences.  These
preferences are not saved, and must be set on a war-by-war basis.  Without any
arguments, the combat command displays your current configuration.

With the "melee" argument, you can toggle melee combat on and off.  When melee
combat is off, you will never fight hand-to-hand, always staying in ranged
combat mode.  This is useful if you want to only use ranged weapons (normally,
if you unready all melee weapons, you will still try to fight with your bare

With the "ranged" argument, you can toggle ranged combat on and off.  When
ranged combat is off, you will never use ranged weapons, always staying in
melee mode.  This is useful to disable ranged combat temporarily without having
to unready your ranged weapons, or if you wish to ensure that some bonus
provided by your melee weapon is always in effect (without readying it for
ranged combat).

The "max-range" argument allows you to set a maximum distance (number of rooms)
from which you will fire your ranged weapon(s).  If used without any value,
this resets your max-range to the default, which is unlimited (meaning the
maximum range you'll fire from is the maximum range of the ranged weapon(s)
you're using).

The "hunt-range" argument allows you to set a maximum distance from which you
will immediately fire your ranged weapon(s) when your current primary target
(see "help target") is located via target seeking.  The default is to disable
this feature--ie, ranged combat only occurs if an entire combat round period
passes by without any melee combat taking place.  This can be used by itself,
or in addition to turning melee combat off, in order to more effectively hunt
with ranged weapons.  For obvious reasons, if max-range is set, hunt-range
cannot be set to a value above max-range.

The "hunt-npcs" argument allows you to toggle whether or not you will hit NPCs
that you are hostile to immediately upon entering the room with them (or them
entering the room with you).  The default is on, which means you will execute
these "hunting hits" on NPCs.  By turning this off, you may have to stop moving
in order to kill an NPC that is following you, but you might avoid "wasting"
your attacks hitting NPCs instead of actual players.


combat melee
(toggle melee combat on/off)
combat max-range 3
(sets the maximum range from which you'll fire ranged weapons to 3 rooms)
combat hunt-range 2
(enables immediate ranged weapon firing at distances of 2 rooms or closer)
combat max-range
(sets the maximum range back to unlimited)