COMMAND: league
ARGUMENTS: [season number] subcommand [arguments]

The league command is used to perform various Genocide League related
functions.  If no argument at all is given, then a summary of past seasons will
be displayed.  Otherwise, a valid subcommand (see below) should be given.  If
no season number is specified, the subcommand will apply to the current season,
otherwise it will apply to the season you specify (if permitted).

Subcommand             Description
---------------------- --------------------------------------------------------
rules                  Display the season's rules
rosters [-v] [-o]      Display team rosters.  If the "-v" argument is used, 
                       will show the points paid for the players in an auction 
                       draft.  If the "-o" argument is used, players' status
                       will be displayed: if you have the "ansi" variable 
                       turned on (see "help ansi") then green players are
                       online and ready for a league war, red players are 
                       idle too long or linkdead, and normal color players
                       aren't on at all.  If you do not have the "ansi" 
                       variable turned on, then online and ready players are 
                       marked with a *, idle too long or linkdead players are 
                       marked with a +, and players who aren't on receive no 
schedule [upcoming]    Display the season's schedule and results (if the 
                       "upcoming" argument is used, only shows matches that
                       have not yet been played)
standings              Display team standings (note that unless the season has
                       ended, tiebreaker rules are not applied to these 
                       standings, only match record and game record are 
stats [sort field]     Display statistics; with no arguments, it will present
                       a summary of the stats for all teams and players on
                       each of the teams.  With a sort field (such as "ADI"
                       or "K") as an argument, it will sort all teams and
                       players by that stat for display.
leaders                Display statistical leaders
rankings               Displays power rankings of players
reports [match [war]]  Display war reports for league games; with no arguments,
                       a list of matches for which reports are available will
                       be displayed.  With just a match number, a list of
                       available war reports for that match will be displayed.
                       With both a match number and war number, the requested
                       war report will be displayed.  For special reports, 
                       the letter of the report should be given to view it.
finger [-h#] <player>  If used with just a player name, the finger subcommand
                       will display the teams that player has been on through
                       the individual league seasons.  If used with "-h",
                       "-h2", "-h3", or "-h4", it will provide a display 
                       similar to the normal "finger" command for the specified
                       season and player.
signup [comment]       Sign up for the draft.  You can also provide a comment
                       on your expected availability, etc.  You can use the
                       signup command more than once to update your comment.
draft [captain cmd]    Draft operations: when used without an argument, will 
                       display the status of the ongoing signups or draft (if
                       any), including players available in the draft.  
                       Additionally, team captains can use the following 
                       captain commands during the draft:
       pick <player>     Pick the player specified, during your turn in a
                         normal auction draft.
       bid [amount]      Bid on the current player in an auction draft.  With 
                         no arguments, your remaining points will be 
                         displayed.  You must bid more than the current high
       nominate [player] Used in an auction draft to nominate the next player
                         to put up for bidding.  Automatically bids 1 on the 
                         player as well.
       pass              Signifies that you have no further interest in the
                         player currently being bidded on.  This only indicates
                         that you will not put in any more bids, it will not
                         retract a bid you already made.  Using this command
                         will avoid unnecessary delays--if the auction sees
                         that all but one captain has no further interest in 
                         the current player, the bidding can move on to the 
                         next player immediately.
       teamname <name>   Set your team name to the name specified.
       groupname <name>  Set your team's group name to the name specified
                         (this will be your team's comm line/mailing list).
                       Before the draft is completed, you must have set a team
                       name and group name and they must be approved by the 
                       admin certifying the draft results.


league stats
(displays statistics for the current season)
league 1 rules
(display the rules for season 1)
league draft pick death
(picks the player Death, if a draft is underway, you're a captain, and it is 
 your turn to pick)
league draft teamname The Felixians
(sets your team name to The Felixians, if the initial draft is still underway,
 and you're a captain)
league reports 3
(will display a list of war reports available for match 3 in the current 
league 2 reports 3 1
(will display the first war report from match 3 in season 2)
league stats k
(will display the team/player stats for the current season, sorted by kills)