COMMAND: login
ARGUMENTS: <subcommand> [arguments]

The "login" command allows you to configure a display you will get each time
you login.  This display can include which of your favorite areas are loaded,
who's online, whether or not a war is in progress, etc.  You can also configure
it to inform you when certain users, or any of the members of a certain group,
log in or log out.

Subcommands available:
   on/off                   Turns on/off the display at login time.  Default
                            for new players is off.
   report                   Displays your current login display, as if you
                            had logged in again.
   add <user> [comment]     Adds a user (and optional comment), or a group.
                            This user (or all users in the group, if a group)
                            will appear in your login display if online.
   remove <user>            Removes a user or group from your login display.
   names                    Displays your list of users/groups.
   clear                    Clears your list of users/groups.
   tell <"tell" args>       Send a multiple "tell" to users/groups in your
                            login display (see "help tell" for argument 
   block <user>             Blocks (or unblocks) a user/group in your login 
                            display from receiving tells via the "tell" 
   notify <on/off>          Turns the login notifier on/off.  If on, you'll be
                            notified immediately when any users in your login
                            display log in or out.  Default for new players is
   addarea <area> [comment] Adds an area (and optional comment).   This area
                            will show up in your login display, if available
                            in the current war.
   removearea <area>        Removes an area.
   areanames                Displays your list of areas.
   areaclear                Clears your list of areas.
   bold <area>              Makes a certain area be highlighted in your
                            display.  Also use to turn off highlighting for an


login addarea blackthorn
(adds the area "Blackthorn" to your login display)
login bold blackthorn
(...make it highlighted)
login add fred
(add the user "Fred" to your login display)
login tell what's up?
(tell all players in your login display "what's up?" (except blocked users))
login on
(turns on reports at login)
login notify on
(turns on reporting of logins/logouts as they happen, of people whose names
 you have "add"ed)
login add (admin)
(add the group (admin) to your login display)
login block (admin)
(...but block it from receiving your "login tell" tells)