COMMAND: newbie
ARGUMENTS: [message]

The "newbie" command (and the associated channel) are available to all players
that have less than 1000 credits, or that are a member of the "Newbie" group
(see "help group" for more information on groups).  If you have 1000 credits or
more, and still wish to be on the newbie channel (whether to help newbies, or
to continue to ask questions yourself), you can ask a game administrator or
newbie channel administrator (see "group #newbie" for a list of newbie channel
administrators).  Without an argument, the command displays recent messages
that have come across the newbie channel (see "help channels" for more
information).  With just "-t" as an argument, recent messages will be displayed
with time stamps.


newbie wow, i just got owned by dobbs, where is that flaming sword from?