TOPIC: newplayer

Genocide is quite a bit different from other MUD-like games.  There are no
monsters to fight and you don't solve long, drawn-out quests.  Your only real
enemies are other players.  You gain "credits" and various other stats based on
your performance in wars, which go on continuously; however, your total number
of credits does not affect your stats or abilities on a war-to-war basis at
all.  All players are equal.  The key is strategy, and knowledge of where to
get the best equipment and cash, and how to use it.

When getting started, the first thing you should do is read the help files.  
Type "help" for a menu--help files exist for important topics, war types,
races/classes/spells, and every command.  You should probably start out reading
"help rules", "help intro", and "help credits".  Use the "eset noplay" command
to avoid being put into a war until you're ready; you'll become a ghost as soon
as the war begins.  Later, you can use the "eunset noplay" command to begin
playing wars.  The text you're reading now can be re-read at a later time by
using the "help newplayer" command.