COMMAND: records
ARGUMENTS: <type [player]> <scope> <stat>, or <type> search <player>

The "records" command allows you to view various statistic records.  Records
are kept on a global (monthly and all-time) and personal basis, and on a
single-war, 15-war, and 100-war scope.

The first argument, record type, must be either "monthly" (for a list of all
monthly highs on a certain stat), "personal" (list of all-time highs on a stat
for a specific player), "alltime" (list of all-time highs on a particular
stat), or a valid month/year combination (list of highs on a particular stat,
for that month).  Month/year combinations are specified by the three-letter
month abbreviation followed by the 2-digit year abbreviation (ie "jan96").  
When the "personal" record type is used, the following parameter must be the
name of the player to look at.  As a special case, when viewing personal
records, you can specify the name followed by the word "summary" to get a
summary of that player's all-time personal records.

The second argument, record scope, must be either 1, 15, or 100.  1 indicates a
single war record, 15 and 100 indicate records that apply to players' last 15
and last 100 wars' stats, respectively.

The third argument, stat, must be the name of a valid statistic.  Valid
statistic names for the "records" command, and the contexts in which they are
valid, follow:
                                                       Global       Personal
  Stat          Description                            1  15 100    1  15 100
  ----          -----------------------------------  --- --- ---  --- --- ---
   c/d (or cd)  Credits/death ratio                       X   X        X   X
   c            Credits                               X   X   X    X   X   X
   kv           Kill value                            X   X   X    X   X   X
   di           Damage inflicted                      X            X        
   dt           Damage taken                          X            X        
   dv           Death value                           X            X
   cw           Consecutive wins                              X            X
   adi          Average damage inflicted                  X   X        X   X
   adt          Average damage taken                      X   X        X   X
   adv          Average death value                       X   X
   apkv         Average percent of kill value             X   X
   apdi         Average percent of damage inflicted       X   X
   apdt         Average percent of damage taken           X   X
   askv         Average share of kill value               X   X
   asdi         Average share of damage inflicted         X   X
   asdt         Average share of damage taken             X   X

In its second form, the records command allows you to search for records by a
specific player.  The first argument is the record type, as above.  The second
argument is the word "search", and the third should be the player to search
for.  All records owned by that player within the specified month (or alltime)
are displayed.


records jan95 1 c
(see single-war credits-received records for January, 1995)
records alltime 15 kv
(see all-time last-15 kill value records)
records monthly 100 asdi
(see monthly highs for last-100 average share of damage inflicted)
records personal joe 15 c/d
(see Joe's best last-15 credits/death ratios)
records alltime search fred
(search for all all-time records owned by Fred)
records feb97 search joe
(search for all February, 1997 records owned by Joe)
records personal steve summary
(see a summary of Steve's all-time personal records)