COMMAND: replay
ARGUMENTS: [# of wars ago] [-l] [-p] [player name] [# of hits to view]

The "replay" command displays a replay of the last several rounds of combat and
damage taken against a player, including what item hit for how much damage.  
If no player name is given, it defaults to showing your own replay.  During a
war, players can only replay dead players.  After the war has ended, and prior
to the next war, any player can be replayed.

If a number of hits is specified (it must be after the player's name, if one is
specified), the replay covers that number of hits from the end of the replay.

If the "-l" option is given before the player name, then a list of available
replays, their number of wars ago, and the applicable end times for the player
are displayed.

If the "-p" option is given before the player name, then the display is paged,
with more prompts when the number of lines printed exceeds your screen length
(see "help variables" for information on setting your screen length).

If the # of wars option is given, then the player's replay will be shown for
that number of wars back from the current war.  The number corresponds to the
numbers on the archived war reports available in the war information center.  
This option must be used in conjunction with a player name.  If the "replay"
command is used prior to a war beginning, it will default to showing the
reports from the last war.


(displays your full replay)
replay fred
(displays Fred's full replay)
replay 3
(displays the last 3 hits against you)
replay fred 2
(displays the last 2 hits against Fred)
replay 5 fred
(displays Fred's full replay from 5 wars ago)
replay -l fred
(displays a list of replays that have been archived for Fred)