TOPIC: rules

Genocide has very few rules; however, breaking any one of them could result in
all sorts of unpleasurable things happening to you, such as being removed from
the current war, booted from the game, temporarily banished, permanently
banished, deleted, etc.

. Do not use any form of automated aids ("triggers", "scripts", "macros", 
  etc) to assist you in any aspect of the game--healing, killing, clearing, 
  etc.  It is OK to assign a key on your keyboard to execute a single command,
  or to use "client-side aliases" that send single commands.  Some things that
  are not OK include: assigning a key on your keyboard to execute multiple 
  commands or having a "client-side alias" that sends multiple commands when
  you type a single command, or having any sort of automated system that 
  redefines your aliases/keys for you as you play.
. Do not abuse bugs, errors, flaws, etc; if one occurs, report it to the
. Do not play second characters (unless authorized by an admin).  It does
  not matter if they are logged on at the same time or not.
. Collaboration in violating rules is also not tolerated.  If someone admits
  to you that they are violating the above rules, or you have some other solid
  evidence that they are, this needs to be reported to administrators.

And in general,

. You must comply with anything that an administrator asks of you immediately;
  if you have a problem with it, you can take it to a higher rank administrator
  at a later time.  The decisions of the head administrators are final.