COMMAND: spell
ARGUMENTS: [combat mode] <spell/next [#]>

The "spell" command allows you to change the combat spell that is being used
for a particular spellbook.

The optional first argument is the combat mode, "melee" or "ranged" (or "m"  
or "r"), to indicate that you wish to change the spell for a spellbook that's
readied for melee or ranged combat, respectively.  The combat mode defaults to
melee if you don't specify one.

The single required argument is either the name of the spell that you wish to
set the spellbook to cast (the spell must be a combat spell, and is checked for
in all spellbooks you might have readied), or "next" (followed by an optional
number if you have more than one spellbook readied) to cycle through your
combat spells in alphabetical order.


spell ranged fireball
(set the spell on your ranged-readied spellbook to fireball)
spell fireball
(set the spell on your melee-readied spellbook to fireball)
spell ranged next 2
(advance to the next spell in your second ranged-readied spellbook)
spell next
(advance to the next spell in your melee-readied spellbook)