ARGUMENTS: [<word to sub> [long expansion]]

The "sub" command allows you to define words which are replaced by longer
phrases when used.  For example, with "sub fb fireblade", "tell fb hi" would
result in you telling Fireblade "hi".  Substitutions do _not_ affect the
command itself (the first word in your input)--use aliases to get that effect.

Substitutions are removed with the "unsub" command.

As with aliases, you can prefix your command line with a " to avoid any
substitution interpretation.  For example, if you "sub boggle nog", then ""say
boggle", you would say "boggle", not "nog".

Without an argument, the command displays all your current substitutions.

With only the argument "-reset", "sub" will remove all of your current subs.

Some predefined keywords are available which work similar to subs (see "help
syntax"), and these can be replaced with subs.


sub fb fireblade
sub wm wintermute