TOPIC: syntax

When referencing single items, a number can be used to pick a certain item out
of a group of items with the same name.  For example,

sell knife 3
look at corpse 2
get wand from bag 3

Standard commands usually accept the special prefixes "all" and "ALL" to refer
to all of a group of items.  With most commands, "all" will only pertain to
non-locked/non-readied items, while "ALL" will pertain to every item.  

sell ALL
give ALL armor to steve
put all heal in container
get all potion
drop all

All normal healing objects can be referred to as "heal", magic items as
"magic", containers as "container", melee weapons as "weapon", armor as
"armor", thrown items or ammo as "ammo", ammo-firing mechanisms as "launcher",
and spellbooks as "spellbook".  Some special aliases are also available: armor
which is out of strength can be referred to as "broken armor", and containers
with nothing in them as "empty container".

Some predefined keywords are available that will be replaced with values (if
applicable at the time) when you use them in commands.  These are:

$TARGET (will be replaced with the name of your current primary target,
see "help target" for more information)
$ATTACKER (will be replaced with the name of the player you are currently
attacking [if they are visible], see "help kill" for more information)