COMMAND: target
ARGUMENTS: [player name]

The "target" command sets your primary target.  Your primary target is used for
several things:

Target seeking is done on your primary target.  This means if your target is
located in your nearby vicinity as you move around (or "glance" and "look"),
his whereabouts will be reported to you.  You can disable this by setting the
variable "block-target-seeking" (see "help variables").

The "kill" command will prefer your primary target over others when you use it
with no arguments (see "help kill").

Ranged weapons and spells will prefer to hit your primary target over others
that are nearby.

You can use the "$TARGET" string in aliases, etc to insert the name of your
current target into a command (see "help syntax").

After a few minutes of no combat, your primary target is reset.  You can also
reset your primary target by using the command with no argument.  When your
primary target dies, your primary target setting is cleared.