ARGUMENTS: [usernames(s)/groupname(s) message]

The "tell" command sends a message to a user (or multiple users), who need not
necessarily be in the same room with you.  The "tell" command can also be used
with system groups or user-defined groups (see "help group" for more

You can exclude specific players (or all players in a specific group) from your
multi/group tells by using the '-' character.

Without an argument, tell will display a list of recent tells that you have
received during your current login session.  With just "-t" as an argument, you
will receive the same list, but with time stamps.

See "help channels" for more information on channels, including "tell".


tell fred hello
(goes to Fred)
tell steve,john,joe what's up?
(goes to Steve, John, and Joe)
tell (friends) hello
(goes to anyone online in your user-defined group (friends))
tell fred,(friends) what's up?
(goes to Fred and anyone online in your user-defined group (friends))
tell steve,(michigan)-john,joe let's truce w/ Steve against John and Joe ok?
(goes to Steve and anyone online in the group (michigan), except John and Joe)