COMMAND: toplist
ARGUMENTS: <stat scope> <stat>, or search <player>

The "toplist" command allows you to view the current top players on various
last-15 and last-100 war statistics.  Players who have not played in over four
weeks are removed from all lists until they play again.

The first argument, stat scope, must be either 15 or 100, selecting whether you
wish to view stats that apply to players' last 15 or last 100 wars,

The second argument, stat, must be the name of a valid statistic.  Valid
statistic names for the "toplist" command, and the contexts in which they are
valid, follow:
  Stat          Description                             15 100       
  ----          -----------------------------------    --- ---      
   c/d (or cd)  Credits/death ratio                     X   X                 
   c            Credits                                 X   X                 
   w            Wins                                    X   X
   k            Kills                                   X   X
   kv           Kill value                              X   X         
   cw           Consecutive wins                            X                 
   adi          Average damage inflicted                X   X                 
   adt          Average damage taken                    X   X                 
   affdi        Average friendly fire damage inflicted  X   X 
   affdt        Average friendly fire damage taken      X   X
   adv          Average death value                     X   X    
   apkv         Average percent of kill value           X   X    
   apdi         Average percent of damage inflicted     X   X    
   apdt         Average percent of damage taken         X   X    
   api          Average percent of time invisible       X   X
   apc          Average percent of time in combat       X   X
   askv         Average share of kill value             X   X    
   asdi         Average share of damage inflicted       X   X    
   asdt         Average share of damage taken           X   X    
   ask          Average share of kills                  X   X
   acpm         Average characters typed per minute     X   X
   arpm         Average rooms per minute                X   X

If the "search" argument is used, the player specified is searched for in all
available lists, and the results are displayed.


toplist 15 c
(display top players in credits received in last 15 wars)
toplist 100 cd
(display top players in average credits/death ratio over last 100 wars)
toplist search joe
(find all toplists that Joe appears in)