TOPIC: wartype g

In multiple-team ball wars, the players will be divided via picking into 3-5
teams.  Attackable rules are similar to non-team ball wars: the ball-carrying
team can attack any other team, but the other teams can only attack the ball
carrying team.  The team that holds the ball gains credits during the time they
hold it; killing players doesn't gain the team any credits.  Only one player
from the team can hold the ball and he can pass it to others when they are in
the same room with the "pass" command.  When that player is killed, the ball
passes on to his killer (and the killer's team begins earning credits).  The
"alive" command lists the team that currently holds the ball--but not the exact
player (unless the player who holds the ball is on the same team as you).  If
all teams but one die, that team gets the remainder of the ball credits that
would have been given out had the war lasted the full length.  When the war
length expires, if the war isn't over, it ends--all members of the teams that
aren't holding the ball die immediately.  Each teams' credits are divided
amongst their members roughly based on individual war contribution.  The
winning team (last team to hold the ball) gets their credit pool doubled and
the surviving members get wins.  All players on the winning team get at least
one credit.