ansi Usage of ANSI color newplayer Repeat new player login msg
atmos List of atmosphere commands rules Behavior rules
attackable Attackability information syntax General command syntax info
credits Explanation of credits variables Variables that can be set
intro Long introduction to game

War Types

(a) Non-team (b) Team (two teams)
(c) Team (multiple teams) (d) Non-team (armageddon)
(e) Team (multiple teams, armageddon) (f) Non-team (battle for the ball)
(g) Team (multiple teams, battle for the ball) (h) Team (team leader picking)
(i) Team (team leader picking, armageddon) (j) Team (the best vs. the rest)
(k) Team (league war)


say Talk locally battle Battle channel
emote Emote locally team Team channel
whisper Talk privately locally shout Shout channel
channels List/filter channels reg Reg channel
tell Talk privately ghost Ghost channel
reply Reply to a tell newbie Newbie channel


abilities List abilities you have look Look at object/surroundings
alive List players alive in war members List members of your team
areas List available areas in war picks List players during picking
coins Display your current coins records Display records
date Display current game time replay Display replay of a player
finger Display player information spells List spells which you know
glance Glance at your surroundings stats List your vital statistics
heals Display current heals toplist Display toplists
hs Display your health/stamina unloaded List unavailable areas
i Display your inventory wartime Display current war time
kills List kills during this war whatarea Display the area you're in
login Login reporter system who List who is logged on

Object manipulation

drag Drag an item on ground lock Lock an item in inventory
drop Drop an item to ground put Put an item in bag
get Get an item from ground/bag unlock Unlock an item in inventory
give Give an item away shuffle Shuffle your bags


ammo Change ammunition ready Ready equipment
blick Lick blood of dead enemy spell Change combat spell
cast Cast a non-combat spell report Report status to team
combat Change combat parameters stop Stop hunting of a player
eq List readied equipment target Set primary target
exchange Exchange equipment unready Unready equipment
heal Use heals use Use a magic item
kill Attack a player/NPC


alias Change/list aliases passwd Change password
chfn Change email/RL name prompt Change command prompt
describe Change description repeat Change repeat command
eset Change/list variables sub Change/list subs
eunset Remove variable unalias Remove alias
pretitle Change pretitle unsub Remove sub


fix Fix carry/HB/ANSI mark Create a ghostmark
group Group manipulation news News system
league Genocide League functions remark Leave remark in area
mail Mail system quit Leave the game
maps Return to maps room