The clay is a cone-shaped blob with barely distinguishable body parts. If one were to try, one could possibly identify a head (the top) and a torso (the bottom), but a lot of imagination is required to humanize this primordial.



+6 +2 -25 +4 -15


Primitive life form: the clay cannot grasp the subtleties of magic or ranged combat.

Semi-humanoid shape: only the clay's upper body is humanoid in appearance, so it cannot wear armor designed for anything below the waist. In addition, the clay has no humanoid hands to wear gloves or rings on.

Develop arm
Command: develop
Health: 50

The clay can reshape its body, creating an appendage that functions as a humanoid arm and can be used to wield weapons. The clay's arms are not necessarily equal in size or strength, allowing the clay to wield almost any combination of weapons, as long as the combined weight of these does not exceed the clay's maximum weapon weight. The clay becomes less dexterous for every one of the total of six such appendages it can develop.

Inflate body
Command: grow
Stamina: 25%

As a defense tactic, usually designed to scare off the clay's enemies, the clay can inflate its body to giant proportions. Usable every minute, this ability works much like the giant growth spell (see "help spell giant growth").

Part body
Command: part
Stamina: 25%

With this ability the clay can prepare to part his body before the next attack against it. Regardless of whether hit by magic or weapons, the clay can then simply part its body where the impact would've been, letting the assault pass harmlessly through it. The ability can be used every 20 seconds or so.

Command: regress

The clay reshapes its body, losing one of its previously developed arms. This maneuver will heal the clay for 50 points of health, and make it more agile.