The tale of a deathknight is sad indeed. Once champions of justice and virtue, they are fallen paladins and knights who have descended from the heights of purity and holiness to the depths of damnation. A deathknight has sold his immortal soul, and forgotten his beliefs, for some form of worldy gain. Lust, greed, tyranny...any or all of these are what the deathknight may have been tempted by. Often, the deathknight does not even realize his soul has been damned until it is too late to be reconciled.



+8 -2 -10 -4 -12


Army of Darkness: when a deathknight is enlisted in an Army of Darkness, he is shown the arcane secrets of the Void, revealing the true nature of his deathblade (see "Deathblade" ability below). This allows the deathknight to combine the already fearsome effects of his blade.

Deathmail: the deathknight's choice of armor is an ethereal suit of chainmail that wavers in and out of reality, providing varying amounts of deflection at different times (13% to 27% deflection). The suit covers the head, torso, hands, and legs. It is unbreakable, but draws from the user's strength while in use. It also emanates an aura of darkness at all times (-1 light).

See in darkness (+3)

Command: toggle blade

The deathknight's weapon of choice is his fearsome deathblade, created out of the very essence of the Void. The knight is able to choose the effect his deathblade has upon its victims: normal, armor destroying (vorpal), or a lingering aura of cold.

Strength drain
Command: wither [player]
Stamina: 25%

The deathknight has the innate ability to suck the life energies from any living being he comes into contact with. This ability allows the deathknight to drain power from a target, effectively lowering the victim's constitution while increasing his own fighting abilities. The stolen energy remains with the deathknight for 2 minutes, and the deathknight must wait for 3 minutes after it wears off to wither a new victim. The deathknight's intelligence determines the amount of energy drained, but the ability can never drain more than 20% of the victim's remaining constitution. If no player name is specified, the command defaults to the enemy you are currently attacking.