At first glance, ettins appear to be no more than two-headed giants, but further inspection reveals some other differences--the most glaring of which is a thick coat of dirt and grime which covers most of their bodies. This encrusted layer acts as a natural armor for the ettin, providing modest protection, which helps outweigh the fact that ettins are slightly more vulnerable than their giant cousins in the head area. Like giants, they are far too large to wear any armor designed for humanoids. In combat, the ettin is a fierce enemy, with each head controlling its own arm. This battle style, though advantageous in many ways, has also been known to hinder the ettin's ability to wield large weapons, as the two heads find it difficult to act as one, and the ettin suffers a penalty when trying to attempt such a difficult maneuver. With two separate weapons, both ettin attacks do not necessarily strike at the same enemy, though it is possible.



+16 none -5 +4 -15


Extremely large size: the ettin is unable to wear standard armor.

Natural armor (8% deflection)

Two-headed combat: when using two one-handed melee weapons, the secondary weapon may hit a different target if one is available; when using two-handed weapons, the ettin's attack will be penalized at -12 dexterity for melee weapons or -12 accuracy for ranged weapons.

See in darkness (+1)