Beware the deadly fungus. Genocide's fungi are walking hulks of spores and vegetable pulp wrapped in a green-brown leathery skin. Having evolved from several different species of deadly fungi, the fungus has been given intelligence by strange twists of nature. Through symbiosis with humanoid creatures, the fungus has developed into a nightmare with anywhere from three to more than a dozen tentacles. Humanoid weapons are beyond the grasp of most fungi--they must instead rely upon their deadly spores and flailing about with their whip-like tentacles.



+6 +2 -25 +3 -15


Fungal tentacles: the fungus starts with three tentacles that it uses to attack with, but can acquire more by using its parasitic fungal growths (up to 15). Tentacles can be destroyed by particularly damaging blows from enemies.

See in darkness (+1)

Deathshroom blossom
Command: blossom
Stamina: 50%

The fungus is able to release a mighty explosion of spores which forms a thick, choking cloud everywhere up to two rooms from the fungus. After a few seconds, the cloud settles into deathshrooms which literally blanket the area. Each deathshroom is sensitive to the motion of all non-fungi and will initate a chain reaction of explosions, inflicting up to 20 damage upon the victim. The deathshrooms remain in an area until depleted through detonation.

Command: moss [player]
Stamina: 15%

The fungus, utilizing his long tentacles, can apply a slimy moss on an opponent's weapon. The moss causes the opponent's weapon to inflict less damage (about a tenth less) for several rounds, after which it withers and is easily removable by the enemy. The fungus can only regenerate moss fast enough to use this ability about once every 30 seconds.

Parasitic fungal growth
Command: afflict [player]
Stamina: 17.5%

One of the fungus' deadliest weapons is its spores. The fungus can release its spores at will, but also does so by reflex in situations where it feels threatened. When inhaled, the spores cause a fungal growth to burst from the victim's skin. The growth will feed upon its host, drawing energy from him (5-15 damage per round), until it has developed into a fungal tentacle. When fully grown, the tentacle will detach and fall to the ground, where it eventually will rot. The fungus, however, can pick the tentacle up before this happens, attach it to its body, and thereby gain an extra limb.

Command: symbiosis <player>
Stamina: 25%

The fungus can form symbioses with other life-forms. The symbioses are equally beneficial for both organisms involved. The fungus, and its symbiot, will become more evolved and more viable (+10 intelligence, +5 constitution), but somewhat less mobile (-2 dexterity). The symbiosis only lasts while both partners are in the same room, and it will break as soon as one of them leaves or dies. Breaking the symbiosis also does 10-30 damage to both former symbiotes.