Half-lion, half-eagle, the griffin is one of the most powerful beasts the skies have ever known. Their massive wingspan, sometimes spanning thirty feet or more, gives them unmatched command of the air. They are the favored mounts of elves because of their great speed, reliability, and ferocity. Their powerful forelimbs end in long, hooked talons that can rend the hide of a dragon with little effort. Their razor-sharp beaks, however, are their most feared attack, able to shred steel as if it were straw. But because of its non-humanoid form, griffins are unable to employ equipment. Some classes can use griffins as mounts.



+10 none -25 +10 -25


Non-humanoid shape: the griffin cannot wear standard armor.

Beak and talon attack: the griffin has no hands, and thus cannot use standard weapons. It attacks with its beak and talons.

Command: buck

This ability allows the griffin to buck a rider off his back.

Command: charge
Stamina: 7.5%

This ability makes the griffin take to the air and dive at its opponent at high speed during the next combat round. The resulting attack allows the griffin to engage its enemy with such force that its strength is virtually doubled for that attack (+15 dexterity). A griffin may only engage in such a charge once every 10 seconds.

Fly to another
Command: fly <player>
Stamina: 50%

The griffin, and any rider he may carry, takes to the air, locates, and flies to the location of another player. This ability is very fatiguing, requiring the griffin to stop for short (30 second) rests between travels.

Take to the air
Command: lift
Stamina: 2.5% per room flown through

With this ability, the griffin lifts his mighty wings and takes to the air, soaring high over the field of battle, making him extremely difficult to track. Flight is, however, somewhat fatiguing and only recommended for short journeys. The lift command, used while already in the air, can be used to land.