The homunculus is a small servant being, similar to an imp. They are known for being extremely dextrous, and for their small leathery wings that keep them afloat at all times. While their size prevents them from using large and ranged weapons, their speed and agility allows them to dodge attacks and often seem invisible to the untrained eye. Demon overlords are the masters of all homunculi, often sending them to do their bidding--generally this means killing someone that the overlord doesn't think is worth their own time.



-9 +30 -10 -5 -15


Burning Legion: no homunculus found in a Burning Legion is exactly what it appears to be. Although a homunculus of a Burning Legion seems to serve its overlord, in reality it reports everything directly to its true master, the Lord of Hell himself. For its services, the homunculus is granted a +6 dexterity reward at war start.

Fear of large groups: because of their small size, homunculi fear large groups of people, and will do anything they can to avoid them. If they find themselves in a room with a large number of people (5 or more) in it, they will often panic as fear sets in.

Flight: homunculi use their tiny wings to keep their small bodies in the air at all times. This prevents others who might be trying to follow from interfering with the homunculus as he does its master's bidding.

Immunity to curse

Inconspicuousness: by their very nature, homunculi are skittish creatures. They are used to being stepped on, or pushed around by larger demons, and as such, they have learned to quickly dodge many attacks. Their quickness is such that a dodged attack often leaves the attacker baffled and dazed, wondering where the homunculus might have gone.

Muscular rage: while homunculi are mostly timid servant creatures, they are also known for extreme fits of rage. Usually such rage is a result of being beaten. Even the most timid homunculus has its limits, and eventually its muscles will contort with anger and the creature will gain incredible strength (+10 str) for a short time.

See in darkness (+1)

See invisible

Small size: the homunculus' small size means he cannot effectively use two-handed ranged weapons.

Voice of the master: homunculi are servants of the demon overlords, and as such, they must do the bidding of their masters. The master's voice will tell them who to kill, and will often scold them if they do not do so in a timely fashion. However, if they successfully accomplish the master's deed, they will be well-rewarded (up to +6 dexterity per kill).