A hydra is a giant reptilian creature with seven heads. The maws of these heads are filled with razor-sharp fangs. During combat, hydras lash out with these heads, biting or just striking their enemies. But these seven heads are not only the hydra's strength, they're its weakness too. A powerful blow could easily cut one of the heads off, and if all seven heads are lost, the hydra dies a painful death. Besides these heads, hydras also have a long, powerful tail, and they also use their poisonous breath in combat situations. Due to their size, hydras are unable to wear most types of armor designed for humanoids, the only exceptions being armor worn on heads or around necks. Even so, these armors do not provide full deflection for hydras. This fact, however, is somewhat compensated for by the hydra's natural armor, the tough reptile scales covering its entire body.



+7 -7 -7 +7 -7


Extremely large size and non-humanoid shape: the hydra's unique anatomy makes it unable to wear most standard armor; however, it can wear a humanoid helmet and amulet on each of its (up to) seven heads, although they do not provide as much deflection as they would for a humanoid creature, since the hydra's heads are not as critical as a humanoid's single head.

Hydra breath: the hydra's entire system is filled with poison, and it uses its primary head to breathe this poison upon its opponents. This poison is an extremely dangerous neurotoxin, and will do 15-30 (average 22.5) damage for a period of about 6 rounds. The hydra automatically uses its poisonous breath whenever it can, but it does need some time to produce the poison in large enough quantities.

Hydra scales (10% deflection)

Multi-headed attack: the hydra's many heads can act independently of each other. This means that, theoretically, a hydra can engage as many foes as it has heads. However, hydras usually concentrate their killing efforts upon one enemy at a time, and only attack others with the heads that can't get close enough to their preferred target. The hydra's snaking heads also attack from different angles, making it impossible for opponents to keep up with the vicious onslaught. This means that every head that hits an enemy (beyond the first) catches him off guard, doing additional damage.

Tail attack: the hydra can make a fierce sweep with its powerful tail, hitting up to three people at once (guaranteed to hit at least one hostile target).

Check heads
Command: heads

This command helps the hydra keep track of his heads. This could be vital, since a hydra that loses all seven heads dies immediately. This command is performed automatically when a head is cut off or when a head grows back. The variable "hydra-heads" can be set to increase visibility (see "help eset"). It can be set to any valid color combination (see "help ansi"), or it can be set to "off" (no display at all).