The monks are a religious order, devoted to studies of many things, but most importantly studies of the martial arts. Much of the monk's time is spent training both mind and body--training to reach perfect harmony and balance. This makes the monks the true masters of unarmed combat, equally skilled in both offense and defense. Their offensive training formed their hands into lethal weapons. Their defensive training allows them to partially, or entirely dodge enemy attacks. Monks can wear a few pieces of armor, but any armor will slow them down, and thus severely impair their combat skills.



+1 +5 none +1 none


Attack dodging

Fatality: if a monk is focusing his spirit upon an enemy, he might detect when the enemy is most vulnerable. In such cases, the monk will concentrate all his efforts on killing that enemy. This can be considered equal to a death sentence for said enemy.

Natural combat: while a monk can make use of standard armor, he prefers to avoid it. Wearing too much armor will weight the monk down and affect his unarmed combat ability (a warning will be given if this is the case).

Dragon whirl
Command: whirl
Stamina: 6%

Years of intensive training have enabled the monk to summon the spirit of the dragon when necessary. This ability allows the monk to whirl around the room with blinding speed and accuracy, striking everyone present, friend or foe. The monk can only maintain this level of concentration for two combat round before he must regather himself. While executing this difficult maneuver, each blow the monk strikes will be for slightly less damage than normal.

Focused assault
Command: focus [player]

The monk focuses his spirit, and concentrates upon hitting a chosen target. In combat situations with several enemies, the monk's assault will be directed against the target of the focus. Without an argument, the monk will stop focusing his spirit.

Pain touch
Command: pain [player]
Stamina: 20%

The monk's knowledge includes that of the anatomy of all races. This allows a monk to know the weakest spots of his opponents. By applying pressure to these spots, the monk is able to cause immense pain, which results in a temporary (approximately five combat rounds) loss of considerable dexterity (25 points) and concentration (10 points of intelligence), as well as a bit of strength (5 points). The pain touch naturally damages the opponent as well (1-10 damage). This ability requires significant concentration to use, and the monk can only use it sporadically.