The primordial ooze is a very large, simple creature. It appears to be a translucent mass slurping along the floor digesting everything, both organic and inorganic, in its path. The components of the ooze are not well developed, but are extremely effective at what they do. The outer clear slime of the ooze can be used to carry objects around with the ooze. The goo also serves the ooze as a digestive organ that consumes objects and enemies alike. The inner organ of the ooze, vital to its survival, is a sack that contains a concentrated source of nutrients that sustains and heals the ooze. As one might imagine, the weightless nutrient sack is a highly prized trophy to be taken from a slain ooze. The ooze has no developed limbs and is unable to ready anything that requires them.



+3 -1 -5 +18 -15


Slime trail: as the ooze moves around, slime drips from its body, leaving a trail behind. This slime is very slippery, and it's not uncommon for people to hurt themselves as they slip and fall to the ground. Luckily, the slime itself softens the impact, and the resulting damage is therefore only 1-10 health.

Consume objects
Command: decompose

The acidic secretions of the ooze break down any unlocked objects it carries, transforming them to nutrients for storage in its healing sack. (Any coins an ooze picks up are always automatically broken down and added to its healing sack.) Heals and coins decompose into the ooze's heal sack at a 1:1 value ratio, other items decompose at an inferior 1:2 value ratio.

Create gold
Command: crystallize <amount>

The ooze can crystallize a portion of its slimy body into coins.

Toggle attack range
Command: spooge

The ooze can attack everyone or concentrate on only one foe by use of this command. Even the mindless ooze shows some restraint towards its friends. Secretions from the ooze inflict 1-100 points damage on foes, but only 1-30 points of damage on friends.