Demonic overlords are awesome creatures from Hell that have been sent here on unknown missions by the Lord of Hell himself. They don't care about anything except achieving their secret goals. They may help others, but only if it suits their own purposes. They're also known to have many strange powers, as well as their own level system. Every now and then, overlords get promotions from the Lord of Hell. The higher level the overlord is, the more dangerous an opponent he is. Although overlords are extremely powerful on their native plane, the conditions of the material plane leave them somewhat weakened.



+2 none -3 -1 +10


Burning Legion: the overlords who command the Burning Legions are selected personally by the Lord of Hell himself. The ones chosen are often promising overlords who are given these missions as tests of their prowess. Upon receiving command of a Burning Legion, overlords are instantly promoted to level 3.

Summon minor demon
Command: demon
Stamina: 20%

Overlords have the ability to summon creatures from their own dimension, Hell, to aid them. These minor demons, however, are bound to their place of summoning, and will return to Hell if abandoned.

Field of night (level 2+)
Command: field
Stamina: 7.5% per level

This ability creates a field of night around the overlord, which serves as protection. The field protects from damage equal to or less than a limit determined by your level (5 per level). The field of night has approximately 10 charges, and will always be cast at the maximum level afforded by your stamina.

Summon hell hound (level 3+)
Command: hellhound
Stamina: 20%

This command summons a hell hound to fight for the overlord. For information about hell hounds, see "help spell lesser planar ally". This ability can be used once per minute.

The mark of evil (level 4+)
Command: mark [player]
Stamina: 100%

This ability creates a mark on an enemy that radiates an incredible aura of evil. The overlord can sense this aura regardless of location, and use it to magically travel to his opponent (by using the "mark" command) for a period of 30 seconds. Rest amounting to 3 full minutes is required between uses of this ability. Angels can not be marked by evil in this way.

Hell scream (level 5+)
Command: scream [player]
Stamina: varies

The overlord screams in a terrible voice, causing the victim to panic. Struck with fear, the victim loses all his stamina. Unfortunately, this is a costly ability, costing 90% of the stamina the victim loses. The ability can be used once every six rounds.

Demonfire (level 6+)
Command: demonfire
Stamina: 15% per round

The overlord's skin begins to burn with demonfire, a fire that damages everyone in the room. The fire also drains the life force of everyone present, and transfers it to the overlord. This ability can only be used while fighting.

Spectral assault (level 7+)
Command: assault <player>
Stamina: 25%

The overlord will transfer his matter to the spectral plane, and from there direct an assault upon his enemy. Since the spectral plane is another dimension, the actual distance between the overlord and his opponent in this dimension won't matter, hence this attack is useful against players who are in far-away lands. The ability can be attempted once every minute.

Open the gates of Hell (level 8+)
Command: gates
Stamina: 100%

Overlords who reach this level have virtually all the forces of Hell at their command. This ability lets them create a portal between this world and their own, and unleash all the horrors that come from beyond. Infernal denizens can freely enter through this gate, and at this stage there is no stopping them. Horned demons will be released from the gates at regular intervals until the overlord is defeated.

Summon homunculus (if homunculus on team)
Command: tighten
Stamina: 5%

Overlords are magically linked to their servants with a demonic tether. This allows them to punish, or reward, their servants and keep them on their toes. The bond also allows the overlord to summon any homunculus, on the same team, to its side, and the homunculus has no choice but to obey. This powerful magic can only be used once every 15 seconds.