The paladin is a holy crusader, champion of his patron god. Only a human of unwavering devotion to his deity's causes can choose to become a paladin. Somewhat lacking in accuracy and intelligence, the paladin's main powers are gifts granted unto him, the gods' blessings and his holy aura. The paladin is healthier than his warrior brethren, and an accomplished horseman. He is also able to call upon the gods, in times of dire need, to inspire him to greatness.



+1 -2 -5 +3 none


Gift of the gods: the paladin is constantly protected by his gods. The benefits of this are three-fold. First, he is permanently blessed, a gift bestowing all benefits of the bless spell. Second, he is always surrounded by a holy aura, which functions much as a permanent, if somewhat weaker, protect spell. Finally, the aura infuses his comrades with holy power, giving them a +1 bonus to strength, intelligence, and constitution while in his presence.

Heroic stand
Command: heroism
Stamina: 35%

The paladin sends a silent prayer to the gods who grant him a +5 bonus to his dexterity and invincibility for 15 seconds. When the prayer expires, the paladin will be too tired to fight for at least half a minute. The paladin will be unable to make another such stand for close to two minutes.

Command: mount <player>, dismount
Stamina: 10%

The paladin can mount a creature that can be ridden (such as a centaur or griffin). A rider suffers a -4 dexterity penalty while on a mount.

Prayer of healing
Command: pray
Stamina: 40%

The paladin beseeches his patron god for healing. The paladin is healed for 80-120 health points (depending on his intelligence).

Ritual of purification
Command: purify <weapon>
Stamina: 50%

The paladin's life is dedicated to the destruction of evil. Often, the paladin possesses the correct tools to do so, but if he doesn't, he can undertake a ritual of purification, imbuing a weapon of his choice with holy power. This ability works like the purification spell (see "help spell purification").