The poltergeist phenomenon is a mysterious event, and it is the subject of many different theories and speculations. Some say it's caused by the earth's gravity, others blame the weather, and yet others think it's caused by psychic forces. Some even discard it as pure imagination. However popular, these theories are all wrong. Poltergeists are malevolent spirits, virtually without any substance, their arrival often announced only by a chilly, foul-smelling wind. That's what the poltergeist really is: an evil wind, divided into several minor tendrils of air. These tendrils (rumor has it most poltergeists on the Island of Genocide have twelve of them) are used by the poltergeist to ready everyday items as weapons, and blow them into its enemies. Note that the items used in this way aren't actually wielded or worn by the poltergeist; that is made impossible by its immaterial shape. Oddly enough, the preferred weapon of the poltergeist is a corpse, especially the corpse of a Genocide warrior.



+10 +10 none -14 none


Army of Darkness: any poltergeist in an Army of Darkness will be able to vary its substantiality an additional 5% in each direction (see the "alter substantiality" ability below).

Tendrils of air: the poltergeist has no form and thus does not use standard weapons or armor. It has twelve tendrils which can carry objects to smash into its enemies in combat.

Alter substantiality
Command: substantiality [amount]

The poltergeist can alter its own substantiality between certain limits. The more insubstantial it is, the harder it is to actually damage it. On the other hand, a loss of substantiality also affects the poltergeist's attacks, making them weaker, since the tendrils of air that the poltergeist is made of also get weaker. The argument to this command can be negative, and if it's omitted, it will display the poltergeist's current substantiality. Note that a poltergeist's substantiality ranges from 40 to 60% in the physical world.

Poltergeist rage
Command: rage

The poltergeist can toggle between concentrating its attacks on a single opponent, or let its tendrils of air whirl mindlessly about the entire room, damaging all present.