This is one of the most powerful and feared members of the entire demon race. The reaper is a tall, ominous figure, standing over seven feet tall. Wrapped in its black cloak, the reaper is surrounded by an aura darker than a moonless night. Always with the reaper is its trusty scythe, the bane of many warriors during the ages. The reaper isn't called "the angel of death" for nothing. The reaper is a fast and merciless killer, hitting with both precision and power. The more resistance (futile, of course) the reaper encounters, the more enraged it gets, making its hits deadlier for every blow, until it is so engulfed with fury that it can not distinguish friend from foe. However, this fury only lasts until the death of its last enemy. The reaper has an urge to kill, and its lust for blood is legendary. There is nowhere to hide from a reaper--no darkness, no light, no invisibility will help you escape. However, since fighting and killing is the reaper's reason of life, it will grow more and more restless if it doesn't do so--and its increasing restlessness is reflected by its decreasing combat prowess.




Burning Legion: before a reaper can join a Burning Legion, it has to undergo the Ritual of Blood in the gladiator arenas of Hell. In this ritual, three demons are pitted against the reaper, in a fight to the death. If the reaper slays its opponents, it is directly sent along with the Burning Legion (still covered in the blood of its latest victims). As a reward, the reaper can also use its bloodlust ability (see below) for no stamina cost.

Reaper's cloak: the reaper always wears his black cloak. This cloak covers the head, torso, and legs, providing magical protection (13% deflection), but draining the user's stamina in doing so. It also emanates an aura of darkness (-1 light).

See in darkness (+2)

See invisible

Command: bloodlust
Stamina: 15%

There are three things a reaper is interested in: fighting, killing, and blood. Often it will use its scythe to inflict painful wounds on enemies, just to see them bleed. But this blood is also of use to the reaper, since it has an ability that strongly resembles the bloodlust spell, although it can't be used on other players (see "help spell bloodlust").

Demonic speed
Command: speed
Stamina: 25%

The reaper begins to move with supernatural speed, slicing and dicing with its dreadful scythe, hitting targets twice as fast, though with lesser accuracy. This ungodly speed lasts 3-5 rounds, and a reaper needs one minute of rest between uses of this ability.