The zombie starts out the war by rising from its grave. As a newly undead creature, it enjoys insane strength and constitution, and, mindless, seeks only to use this unholy power to rend the flesh of the living. The party is soon over, however, as the cursed forces which cause a zombie to rise in the first place cannot long keep its shambling form together. As bits fall off the rotting corpse and it wanders further from its grave, the zombie will soon find its dark powers decaying even as its tattered body gives way.


War start+12+12-20+12-20
Final stats-17-17-20-20-20

After 2 minutes, the zombie will lose 2 points of strength, dexterity, and constitution. This will occur again every 30 seconds. The zombie will reach its final stats after 10 minutes of wartime.


Army of Darkness: if the zombie is enlisted in an Army of Darkness, the Lords of Darkness will strengthen the magic holding the zombie together, delaying each decay (after the first) by 16 extra seconds.

Aura of decay: the miasma coming off a zombie's rotting flesh can sometimes infect a nearby enemy with lingering maladies, some which have been known to last for entire battles.

Cloud of flies: the zombie is continuously surrounded by a cloud of pestilence. One feature of this cloud is the tendency for biting flies to emerge from it and sting the living who are foolish enough to venture near.

Lack of coordination: the zombie's powers are enormous--often greater than the ability of its decaying body to control. For this reason, the blindly shambling zombie will completely miss its target on roughly 15% of its attacks.

Unarmed attack: while a zombie is more fearsome with a good weapon, it also has the ability to strike out with its undead hands and cause considerable damage to its target while unarmed.