To login to Genocide, you must telnet to the machine "", port 2222. You can use the Java Telnet Applet to connect to Genocide from this web page via this link. However, it is recommended that you use a telnet client application.

Under systems like UNIX or Linux, this is usually as simple as using the command "telnet 2222".

For systems such as Windows or MacOS, you will need to download a telnet client program (connecting with the client that comes with Windows is possible, but it lacks many features). Below is a list of some telnet software that works especially well with Genocide, and configuration details specific for each program (where necessary). The configuration information assumes you will be connecting directly to Genocide from the program.

Some recommended telnet clients for Windows users:

PuTTY (free)

CRT (commercial w/ evaluation)
[Once you are online, you will probably want to go to the "Session Preferences" menu under the "Options" pulldown menu, and set the emulation to "ANSI" and check the "ANSI Color" box (in the Emulation tab).]

zMUD (commercial w/ evaluation)

Last Updated: December 7, 2011
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