The warlord is indeed a sagacious and fine man to behold. This adept of melee, this virtuoso of violence, has honed his reflexes for decades. Any layman naive or foolish enough to debate tactics with the warlord will bring upon himself only scorn and social anxiety, for in such matters is the Lord of War singularly schooled. Preferring the full range of movement and breadth of artistic expression allowed by single-handed weapons, the warlord has increased his prowess and strength with such devices beyond what his wiry frame would seem to allow. Then, by channeling his emotions into a rictus of battle lust, he often finds it expedient to engage all opponents present, and sometimes even manages to avoid damaging his allies at the same time. Such is the preternatural aura of competence exuded by the warlord, he can often influence the targetting and even coordinate movements of his teammates. Field general, death dealer, and even master horseman; the warlord has many facets, and few flaws.



+3 +2 -9 -3 -2


Coup de grace: a warlord is constantly surveying the battlefield. When he sees an enemy in a weakened state, he is capable of quickly bringing his weapons to bear and finishing them off.

Death dodge: even when thoroughly beaten, a warlord still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Years of training have honed his reflexes and dexterity so that he may be able to avoid a death blow.

Dual-wield: years of training have given the warlord insight into all types of arms. When he chooses to use a single-handed weapon, his superior skills allow him to wield what others of equal strength could not.

Defend teammate
Command: defend [player]
Stamina: 2.5%

The warlord can defend a teammate. When defending, the warlord takes half of the damage that would have been directed at the teammate. The warlord can only begin defending when the other player is present in the same room as he is, but once he has begun defending, he will continue defending (during times that the teammate is in the same room as he) until defending is disabled by using the "defend" command with no arguments.

Fury (while dual-wielding only)
Command: fury
Stamina: 15%

Invoking the fury command allows a warlord to strike out at everyone present (anyone the warlord is defending will be unaffected and other allies will be spared damage 50% of the time). Fury lasts for two combat rounds.

Lead march
Command: march [dir]
Stamina: 5%

The warlord can lead his troops, marching them into battle in a particular direction. Anyone with the "nomarch" variable set remains unaffected. If no direction is chosen, an obvious exit will be selected at random (this is handy for retreat marches). A march can only be led once per round at most, and the warlord must be visible to lead a march.

Command: mount <player>, dismount
Stamina: 10%

A warlord can mount a creature that can be ridden (such as a centaur or griffin). A rider suffers a -4 dexterity penalty while on a mount.

Rally comrades
Command: rally
Stamina: 10%

The warlord rallies his team to focus their attack upon his current target for the next combat round. Anyone with the "norally" variable set remains unaffected. An invisible warlord cannot rally his troops in this manner.

Command: stun
Stamina: 15%

A warlord can feint cleverly and then bring the full weight of his weapon(s) to bear in a maneuver designed to stun his opponent briefly. Since this action is in addition to his regular attack, it takes some stamina and preparation to perform. The warlord can execute such a move once every 30 seconds, and an opponent who falls victim to the assault is stunned for one combat round.