To login to Genocide, you must telnet to the host "", port 2222. You will need a telnet client application.

Under systems like UNIX or Linux, this is usually as simple as using the command "telnet 2222" from a terminal window. With some Linux distros, you may need to use your package manager to install the telnet client program, as it may no longer be installed by default. Despite being a UNIX derivative, macOS no longer includes telnet, but you can install it with Homebrew: here's one guide on how to do that.

For Windows, you will need to download a telnet client program. The easiest to use for Genocide is probably PuTTY, which also happens to be free. Download it here. When connecting with PuTTY, set the hostname to "", port to 2222, and connection type to telnet.

Last Updated: March 13, 2021
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