Avians are humanoid beings that possess the features of a bird of prey. Since being created from the dark magic of the Island of Genocide and the still darker hearts of those with the power to wield it, they have dispatched their enemies with speed and an enviable efficiency. Bred to be assassins, avians seek only to dominate and destroy. Using their natural gift of flight, the avian knows that the most effective way to kill again and again is from above the target, using precise and deadly accuracy. The appearance of this being tells the true story. All are as black as the hate that drives them forever onward to their next kill. They have stony, serrated beaks that gleam like obsidian and talons that are sharp enough to slice through sinew and bone. The wings, when seen fully extended, are a field of inky black feathers and obviously intended for quick attack flights. The true strength of the avian, however, lies in its eyes. It is the eyes that allow the being to attack from so far away, reducing their prey to a chunky mist before the victim is even aware that they're in danger. Being rather intelligent, avians are modestly skilled in the use of magic to further their desires, which always amount to seeing others shredded before them.



-5 -5 +8 -1 +2


Airborne ranged combat: avians fire off their array of ranged weapons and spells from a position high above the ground. In addition to making avian attacks more precise and damaging, for launched and thrown missiles this also means that they won't lose any momentum, doing equal damage regardless of distance.

Extra target seeking range (+1)

Farsightedness: whereas birds have the ability to change their vision from extreme nearsightedness to extreme farsightedness, avians are locked in a permanent state of farsightedness. As a result, avians have chosen to concentrate on ranged combat and will do very poorly in melee fights. Avians default to having melee combat turned off (see "help combat" for more information).

Light equipment: because avians are usually flying in the air, they will not wield or wear any equipment that will slow down their mobility and become too heavy for them to carry (avians can ready 2.0 weight per slot).

Low-altitude flight: an avian leaves no tracks a ranger might follow, and also gets 10% deflection in melee combat as a result of enhanced evasiveness.

Animal kinship (birds)
Command: bird

Avians have a kinship with birds of prey and can communicate with them in their own language. By emitting loud cawing sounds, they can signal nearby birds that there is food in sight, thereby gaining the aid of these birds in combat. This ability is similar to the charm animal spell (see "help spell charm animal"), but it only affects birds, and can only be used once a minute.