From the lost realms of Atlantis comes the mysterious merfolk race. The Atlantides, as they call themselves, are descendants of both elves and humans, and this shows in their characteristics. Their life beneath water has given them both advantages and disadvantages compared to their land-living cousins. Although amphibious in nature, merfolk feel more at home in deep oceans than on land or in fresh water. Merfolk are easily recognized by their pale blue skin and blue or green hair.


On land-2-10-5-3+2
In salt-water+3+5+5+2+2


See in darkness (+1)

Flash flood
Command: flood <dir>
Stamina: 35%

Every member of the merfolk race has a magical bond to Atlantis. At a young age, merfolk are taught how to use this ability to their benefit. The most powerful manifestation of this bond is the ability to create floods with sheer will-power. These floods have the same effects as the flash flood spell (see "help spell flash flood"). They are also considered salt-water environments for all intents and purposes.

Mists of Atlantis
Command: mist
Stamina: 15%

The mists of Atlantis is a type of fog containing enormous amounts of humidity. Thanks to this, merfolk almost feel at home in this environment. Other races, however, may have difficulties breathing, and can suffer 1-10 damage every now and then. The mist can also douse smaller fires, but it will evaporate in the process. The mists of Atlantis last for a period of about 30 seconds. Mist-filled rooms are regarded as salt-water environments.

Throw fishing net
Command: net [player]
Stamina: 15%

All Atlantides are equipped with a strong fishing net; this is their main resource when gathering food. These nets have proven to be quite efficient against larger beings as well. A player caught in a net will have trouble fighting and will have a 50% chance of missing his attacks until he can escape from the net. These nets can be used about once every minute.

Use harpoon
Command: harpoon

The underwater environment is unsuitable for the use of launcher-type weaponry. Because of this, merfolk are incapable of using such objects. Fortunately, they all carry a personal harpoon strapped across their back. This command toggles between unstrapping and strapping the harpoon.