The elemental plane of fire is the natural habitat for one of the most feared creatures of all time--the phoenix. Manifesting itself as a giant bird of prey, the phoenix is a deadly being of fire and heat. The perpetual bright flames the phoenix is made of are equally devastating to living and lifeless objects--often turning the former into the latter. Legends also claim that when a phoenix dies, it is reborn from its own ashes, ready to wreak more havoc upon the land.



+5 +5 -25 +15 -5


Flaming aura: a fiery aura surrounds the phoenix that can damage all opponents who venture too close to the phoenix. This aura also lights the immediate area (+3 light).

Non-humanoid shape: the phoenix has a completely non-humanoid form and, as a result, cannot use any normal humanoid armor or weapons. The phoenix attacks with his fiery breath and talons.

Phoenix effect: instead of ranged combat, the phoenix can use this mysterious ability to inflict damage upon its enemies from afar. The phoenix projects an image of itself onto the location of the target, an image that lacks substance, but still radiates enough heat to seriously burn an opponent.

Rebirth from ashes: the phoenix is constantly burning in a fire that damages the phoenix, and eventually leads to its death. When this happens, however, the phoenix is immediately reborn from its own ashes. The "phoenix-brief" variable can be set (see "help eset"), in which case damage and rebirth messages will not be displayed.

Change fire intensity
Command: smolder, burn, blaze

The phoenix can control the flow of fire from its body, from a low-yield smoldering effect, to a devastating blaze that incinerates everyone present in the room. The fire intensity of the phoenix determines at what rate the phoenix burns up, the level of damage it can inflict upon enemies, and also how much light it emits. Phoenixes start at the middle level of intensity, and can change this every six seconds.

Flight of the phoenix
Command: fly
Stamina: 2.5% (an additional 2.5% per room)

Spreading its great wings of fire, the phoenix can lift into the sky, leaving no tracks on the ground. If the command is used while flying, it will make the phoenix land on the ground again.

Melt inventory
Command: melt

The phoenix erupts into flames that consume most objects in its inventory, and all of its money. This is converted into life force (healing for the phoenix). Money and heals are converted to life force at a ratio of 1:1, whereas other objects are converted at a ratio of 1:2. Locked objects in the inventory will not be affected by this command.

Phoenix torch
Command: torch

The phoenix may attempt to focus its flaming breath, thereby incinerating an opponent during the next attack of the phoenix, causing extra damage. After a successful torching, the phoenix needs to wait 12 seconds to perform another.