Of all the undead, few match the unbridled power of the vampire. A formidable warrior, the vampire is able to use the blood (blicks) of slain foes to his advantage. In fact, a vampire that has not tasted blood slowly loses ability in each of his stats over time. The vampire is a master of various bodily diciplines, though each of these powers are fueled by the blood of enemies to varying degrees. Without blood, the vampire is unable to use any of these unholy arts.



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CharmDeath ray
DarknessLightning storm
FearIce storm


Army of Darkness: as the elite warriors of any Army of Darkness, vampires are granted several bonuses. Their stats will degrade more slowly over time, and will never drop below 11. In addition to this, they also get one extra point in their blood pool (more information about blood pool follows below).

Consume blood
Command: drink

Vampires consume blood differently from mortals. When they drink, the blood of their enemy flows through their bodies. The blood of some foes, however, is more potent than others. A person's blood is worth their current kill value in blood points for the vampire. Blood points are used to fuel the vampire's diciplines or to maintain his current prowess. Vampires without blood points stored in their bodies will find their stats decay slightly every couple minutes, although a normal vampire's stats will never drop below nine.

Display blood points
Command: pool

This command shows the vampire how many blood points course through his veins. Vampires begin their existence with six blood points.

Form of bat
Command: fly <player>
Cost: 1 blood point

The vampire assumes the shape of a monstrous bat and flies swiftly to the side of any living player.

Form of beast
Command: rage
Cost: 1 blood point

The vampire enters a blood rage, quite voluntarily. He grows fangs and talons. In this form each hand inflicts 20-44 points of damage. The blood fury lasts exactly one minute.

Mask of invisibility
Command: invis
Cost: 1 blood point

The vampire exerts his will over his body forcing light to bend around his undead form for up to 90 seconds. This causes the vampire to become invisible.

Form of mist
Command: mist
Cost: 3 blood points

The vampire assumes one of his three alternate forms, in this case, the form of a thin mist. The vampire is able to maintain this form for 10 seconds, during which time normal attacks pass harmlessly through his gaseous form, inflicting no damage.

Mind over matter
Command: pump <stat name>
Cost: 2 blood points

Drawing upon the power of its blood pool, the vampire augments an ability score of its choice (except luck). The amount of the increase demands on the stat being increased: 1-2 strength, 2-5 dexterity, 2-5 intelligence, 2-5 accuracy, or 1-2 constitution.