The kender are a short and lightly-built race, often mistaken for children at first glance. Like children, however, they are both innocent and mischievous. The trademark of the kender race is the tendency to "acquire" interesting objects and stuff them into one of their numerous pouches. Anyone in the same vicinity as a kender, friend or foe, should be extremely wary; only readied items are safe from the kender's prying fingers. Shopkeepers also live in fear of visiting kender, as items from their display cases almost always seem to follow them out the door. Such is the innocence of the kender, however, that their own nature is unknown to them. When asked about something they have stolen, they often are surprised to see it in their possession, and return it with astonishment. Kender have remarkable manual dexterity, and several other skills which make it easier for a little person to survive in a hostile world. For instance, they often dodge attacks which would have slain them had they not evaded. While most kender merely wander about, living a carefree life, others attempt to learn a trade. The versatile kender can practice many arts, but low attention span and physical limitations ensure that they excel at few.



-5 +9 +2 -3 -3


Attack dodging

Immunity to fear

Move through closed or locked doors: the kender will often pick a lock without even realizing that the door was intended not to be opened. In such a case, the kender will move through the door as though it were open, re-locking the door once through.

Steal from players or shops: every round in which the kender shares his environment with another player, there is a chance that something from that player's inventory will silently transfer to the kender's. Neither player will be informed of the switch. The pilfered object may end up in a random pouch on the kender's person. Gold can also be stolen, as can items in a shop's inventory. Hide in room Command: hide Stamina: 25% The kender can blend in wherever he is, effectively becoming invisible to others until he moves again. This is most often achieved just by the kender slightly adjusting his actions or attitude, more than physically hiding, but the effect is similar.

Taunt enemy
Command: taunt [player]
Stamina: 15%

The kender can taunt his enemy, causing his enemy to fight less effectively for a short period of time (-8 dexterity, -4 intelligence). If the player to taunt is not specified, the kender's current attacker will be used.