Ninjas are a religious order of fighters, divided into several clans. Although they consider themselves more than common assassins, many parallels can clearly be drawn. Like assassins, ninjas value the effect of surprise in combat, and they try to do much of their work while concealed. This, however, doesn't mean that ninjas are cowards--quite the opposite. An expert ninja can take on any number of opponents, and many times win. As a skilled martial arts practitioner, the ninja is a deadly adversary, be it armed or unarmed. His quickness and agility can save him from the most well-aimed blows. The ninja is also capable of using his powers of stealth to blend into the shadows of a room, backstab opponents who are unaware of his presence, and pick locks silently to gain entry into a secured area. The ninja can be recognized by his all-black outfit, covering most of his body, but if you're actually close enough to see his clothes, it may already be too late.



+3 +4 +5 +1 none


Attack dodging

Backstab: when using his ninja-to weapon, the ninja can land a backstab on unsuspecting enemies. When initiating an attack upon a target who isn't already hostile to the ninja (and hasn't already been backstabbed recently), the ninja will execute a backstab maneuver, gaining a 40-50 point base damage bonus on his ninja-to strike.

Multiple-hit combinations: ninjas see fighting as an art and try to perform various challenging moves in combat. A ninja will attack with his head, legs, and feet, as well as his weapons. If a ninja can successfully pull off a daring maneuver, it will give him a boost in self-confidence, encouraging him to even better perfomances.

Ninja outfit: the ninja wears an outfit that covers his head, torso, waist, legs, feet, and hands (10% deflection). The outfit is very durable but avoiding enemy blows while wearing such light clothing requires some effort expenditure (stamina cost) on the user's part.

Special equipment: the ninja only uses his preferred weapons: his nunchakus, shurikens, and ninja-to.

Move invisibly
Command: stealth on/off
Stamina: 17.5% per 15 seconds

Much of the ninja's work is done behind the scene, so to speak. Moving around unnoticed is a requirement, and the perfection of this skill consumes much of the ninja's free time. Due to this, the ninja can move around as if he was invisible, an ability not usually appreciated by his opponents.

Pick locks
Command: lockpick <door>
Stamina: 20%

The ninja applies his stealthy skills to unlock a door that would normally require a key.

Throw smoke-bomb
Command: smoke
Stamina: 7.5%

Sometimes a ninja needs a quick escape. In order to facilitate this escape, the ninja might throw a smoke-bomb into the room, concealing his retreat.

Use ninja-to
Command: ninja-to

Equipped with his deadly ninja-to, the ninja is a true marvel to behold. The ninja-to, a slightly curved ninja sword, is the two-handed weapon of choice for all ninjas (and can be used for backstabbing--see above). Its lightness and sharpness are excellent qualities for all combat situations. The ninja-to is carried in a leather sheath on the ninja's back. This command toggles between drawing the ninja-to, and resheathing it. Using the ninja-to instead of hand-to-hand combat gives the ninja a three point dexterity penalty.

Use nunchakus
Command: nunchakus

The nunchakus are a pair of wooden sticks, bound together by a short chain. In the hand of a ninja, they are a lethal weapon. The nunchakus only require one hand to use, and can often be used against many enemies. When not in use, they are carried in the ninja's belt. This command toggles between pulling out the nunchakus, or sticking them back into the belt. Using the nunchakus instead of hand-to-hand combat gives the ninja a two point dexterity penalty.

Use shuriken
Command: shuriken

A legendary ninja weapon, the shuriken can best be described as a "throwing star". It's a piece of metal with sharp edges that can be thrown with incredible accuracy. Sometimes the shurikens are dipped into poison, for a more permanent effect. The shurikens are carried inside hidden pockets, and are always within reach.